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Monday, June 30, 2008

FB Star Publisher Critical Of FBISD Administration On Information Access!

This snip-it was taken from the publishers personal column in the FB Star. It is becoming a view point shared by many given the hectic '07-'08 school year:

...Have you noticed......The clamp down in news coming from Fort Bend ISD. Before this new superintendent, (I believe his name is Jenny, although I have never spoken over three words to him--”Hello, how are you?” Nor he to me.) the school district was pretty open with its news. If there were problems, they told you and they told you they were working on them.

Now, there are no problems. Problems? What problems? Oh, you mean that concussion one of our police officers has? Oh, you mean the ambulances hauling students out? Oh, you mean the county-wide “officer assist” call that went out at Marshall high school with news copters hovering overhead? Oh, the three policemen attacked three days in a row? Oh, the computers stolen and the grades hacked were not connected?

Here’s the way it is. FBISD’s paid liar is Mary Ann Simpson. She’s the head of community relations and any news the district issues. She works for the superintendent. If the superintendent tells her to lock down, she locks down.

When Betty Baitland was superintendent, I think she believed that honesty was the best policy and that by being forthcoming, she could depend on the community to help. You see where that got her.

So this Dr. Jenny gets hired and he wants a good face put on FBISD, even if it involves shading the truth.

Since the school police force, and the school news team depend on Dr. Jenny for their jobs, you can see how we can be manipulated.

Oh, there are so many problems in running a large school district. Maybe we don’t need to watch them make sausage.

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