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Friday, April 4, 2008

Jobs Being Eliminated By FBISD Administration

From FBN:

FBISD Employees Told Their Jobs Are Being Eliminated, District Says No Layoffs
by John Pape, FortBendNow.com

A number of Fort Bend ISD employees were informed last Friday that their positions were being eliminated, but the district says there will be some changes in staffing needs but employees are not being laid off.

Fort Bend Now received information late last Friday that several paraprofessionals at Elkins and Austin high schools had been told that they would be out of a job. The exact number of jobs involved is unclear.

One person close to the situation who did not want to be identified said the news came as a surprise to those who got the notices. . . (get the full story at: http://fortbendnow.com/pages/full_story?article-FBISD-Employees-Told-Their-Jobs-Are-


Interesting label being applied by the spin doctors at the school district. I wonder how these "eliminations" will impact instruction? Is this being done to head off the coming reported budget crisis because of the earlier over-projections?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

local blog comments:

« Muckraker wrote on Saturday, Apr 05 at 04:04 PM »
Good point “standup”. The false growth projections provided just prior to the RECORD bond is quite disconcerting, but confirms the administrative pattern. . .
« austinparent wrote on Saturday, Apr 05 at 02:14 PM »
As an Austin band parent I will promise you this will not go down without a fight from the parents. This position is a vital part of our band program.
« standupfb wrote on Saturday, Apr 05 at 01:08 PM »

I will give you that most of adults have been “let go” from jobs atleast once in their life time. But, I think you are forgetting one important part in the equation of being “let go.” We just passed a LARGE, very large, bond issue a couple of months ago. And this is the 2nd LARGE bond issue that we have passed in the past 5 years. I understand that we need this money to pay for new schools ect. But, where do you justify getting these large bonds and then doing a “reconstruction” of jobs in our district? You, as in the district, tell us, the tax payers, that you need this money to build new schools for all the “students” that we have in our district, but then you lay off your employees. Now really, does that make sense? You need these schools, but you don’t need the teachers nor the paraprofessionials to run it? Oh, are you going to put out the ads and hope that you can get people for cheaper amounts. That’s the deal. We need to pay for some peoples salary, their home, their car, car insurance, health insurance, and still give them a stiped for anything we forgot and then give them bonus’. But, it’s ok for us to do that, because they can promise us the world and everything in it.

WAKE UP fort bend, and fight for your teachers! You will sit here and complain about the education that your childern are getting, but when your teachers need you, your turn you back.

When all is said and done, and you have noone to blame for low test scores and all the students that have to be retained due to not passing TAKS, who will you blame then? You can only look in the mirror and say I did this to myself.

Make a stand now, not in August when you see how much you have lost and getting it back will be slim to none.
« Xteacher wrote on Saturday, Apr 05 at 11:46 AM »

First, those percussion/band aides were instructional positions, and were considered when staffing the rest of the programs.

Secondly, following your reasoning, should the orchestra programs at all the schools be eliminated since Willowridge doesn’t have one?

How about doing away with the academies?

How about eliminating Latin because some schools don’t offer it?
« TexasRose wrote on Saturday, Apr 05 at 08:59 AM »

Hmm, yes revising growth can be funplay…”Insider” spinning has it’s perks.
« Muckraker wrote on Saturday, Apr 05 at 08:51 AM »
“I can’t think of a good argument for the district providing funding for percussion/band aides at 2 high schools and not the others. Eliminating unnecessary positions is something a fiscally responsible district should do.”

Following this rationale medwrit you would have to force many “special” programs out also. The logic is flawed since the article specifically discusses the misinformation being spun by the upper admins via the communications office. Calling the terminations anything else is short changing the public who pays for these untruths.

If you were not an “insider” spinning to defend Jenney and co. you would be demonstrating REAL concern for the continued organizational pattern of public/taxpayer disinformation as has been the documented case in the past. I would also think you would take issue with the hood wink the public was forced to swallow only a few months ago with the “revised” growth projections again paid for by the public with the information distributed via our upper admins and their communications office once again (at our expense)....this is what I find unacceptable for any tax supported endeavor (see other municipal and county level examples too in local media reports).

Now, how do YOU feel about the misinformation on your dime?
« medwrit wrote on Saturday, Apr 05 at 07:10 AM »
I believe that the district’s actions show that it’s on the right track, however painful it may be for the individuals whose jobs are affected.

To XTeacher: “These percussion/band aide positions were eliminated without even discussiong it with the prinicipals, or with the FBISD director of music. There are no like positions to transfer them to, so these two gentlemen are eliminated.” One of the aims of the district should be to provide a quality education and equal opportunity to every student in the district. I can’t think of a good argument for the district providing funding for percussion/band aides at 2 high schools and not the others. Eliminating unnecessary positions is something a fiscally responsible district should do.

To runwhileyoucan: “waking up to a letter as late as June 20 according to FBISD telling you that your new position is twenty miles out might not be acceptable… Fort Bend should realize that their employees are not numbers to shift around”

Getting laid off (or asked to transfer to a different location) is difficult - I’ve been there, as many of us have - but the alternative is unacceptable. The priority of the district should be providing a good education for all the students, not redistricting to prevent a shift in student numbers that necessitates a shift in faculty or staff. In most of businesses, 2-4 weeks is all the notice an employee is given. Being told in June that you don’t have a job in August, or that you’ll have a longer commute, is much better than that.
« runwhileyoucan wrote on Friday, Apr 04 at 11:14 PM »
I see that they also failed to mention that not only were those middle school teachers displaced but several from the east side schools because of dwindling enrollment. Typical.

The other problem with this plan is that we are talking about professional, certified, educated adults not drop outs grateful for the opportunity. People select jobs for a variety of reasons and waking up to a letter as late as June 20 according to FBISD telling you that your new position is twenty miles out might not be acceptable. Work place decisions are based on climate, proximity to home, and convenience. Fort Bend should realize that their employees are not numbers to shift around and that some consideration to their desires might be better than an entire district of unhappy non-productive employees.
« Xteacher wrote on Friday, Apr 04 at 02:45 PM »
These percussion/band aide positions were eliminated without even discussiong it with the prinicipals, or with the FBISD director of music. There are no like positions to transfer them to, so these two gentlemen are eliminated.

When the board honors the Elkins Indoor drumline for winning the state championship, I’m sure the kids and parents will be real appreciative to the board for shutting them down.
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 04 at 02:32 PM »
Try this one:

http://www.fortbendnow.com/pages/full_story?article-Teacher—Student-Accounts-Of-Marshall-Fights-Differ-From-District-s =&page_label=full_story&id=20500&widget=push&open=&
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 04 at 02:30 PM »
This PR release from the FBISD administration sounds a great deal like the non-riot claims a month ago in Missouri City. Are we really paying taxes for this type of spin? It is obvious people are being fired and they want to label it something else. What’s even more amazing is the fact that during the RECORD bond election the district official presented inflated growth projects to the stacked bond committee and the public painting a picture of over-development that forced more voters to support the record bond than might have had accurate figures been presented….yes TRUST is very important and a BOT that watches out for the public, not the spin doctors in the administration. . .

See earlier releases with similar results, click here for the misinformation we continue to pay taxes for. . .

Anonymous said...


« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 11:22 AM »

Now you’re getting personal...;-) Proudly my son can debate and outclass you anyday! Merging praise with our own “educrats”, resourcing-up new class’ (not laying them off.)

Hip_hip_Hurray for Hometeam LCISD!!!
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 11:01 AM »
China and India turns out engineers and we turn out percussionists?

try and wrest the eduction agenda away from educrats and listen to the screams….
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 10:15 AM »
Sunlight brightly hides behind “closed doors”....

_“One of the employees who received notice last Friday that his job was eliminated was an Elkins Highs School percussion instructor. Ironically, the following day he led the Elkins indoor drumline to the Texas Color Guard Championship.

It was our Christmas GOP party: lovely Elkins voices sung sweetly (their bright future is ours to embrace forever)
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 10:05 AM »
It is, afterall, the edc boys that control our land connections…Muckie
« Muckraker wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 09:56 AM »
Good point GR, it is time to expose the deception game and get a BOT in that doesn’t just take orders. Reminds me of the edc boys running MC…

Join the reform effort. . . click here
« getreal wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 08:56 AM »
Fort Bend isd is just trying to cover up their laundry list of lies by giving out more lies. They have known about these potential job eliminations for quite some time, none of this is new news. Why are they so full of it?
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 07:24 AM »
another builders pac donating To State Rep Olivo

« Muckraker wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 07:17 AM »

You will find the same bond stumpers, who used the false growth projections only a few months ago to pass a RECORD bond debt, which moved some operations budget costs into it, pulling for elimination of personnel (labeling it something else) and defending eventual deficit financing for the first time in the districts history. Why the contradiction? Because the bond keeps the crony vendors businesses fat with our tax/bond/debt dollars building very expensive and hard to maintain Taj mahals (you know the land and construction industry that picks your school board for you) while being unable to support the programs within those monuments to special interests. Back to basics should include reasonable land sales (not full market value purchases with NO infrastructure in place that cost too will be passed to the taxpayers), functional facilities and most importantly the people to teach our kids.

What are we getting? Slick PR and marketing pushed by the edc special interest claiming they want quality schools to get their RECORD bonds passed, but neglecting what goes on inside those walls. I wonder if the crony boys that ran that full page chronicle ad a few months ago are going to supplement the operations budget so more lay-offs aren’t in order? Perhaps that $80k they spent marketing the bond to makes sure the 420+ million bond debt was secured for their membership could have gone to saving a few of the teaching positions (that one poster calls the entitlement mindset)....

Look through the diatribe folks. When the smoke clears you will realize the public is being deceived again and only the children will suffer with their future being sold out. This dualism by some elitist calling themselves conservatives is just another faux mask.

Get the real skinny on who unduly influences your schools and get involved today…

If you live in MC, get more involved in reform efforts this election cycle, click here…
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 06:00 AM »
standupfb we now have a dropout rate of 52% in HISD…..what more do you need to wake you up.

Showing kids AlGore’s video “An Inconvenient Truth” isn’t educating but indoctrinating. All of these superflous programs and activites do not educate kids but help add layers of “extras” to ensure jobs.

I say go back to the basics at school. If a parent wants “more” they can demand vouchers and move their kid to a prep school or GodForbid pay for dance lessons, swim lessons, and the other extras out of their pocket.

Where did this “you owe them” or “its a right” mindset come from?
« standupfb wrote on Sunday, Apr 06 at 11:01 PM »
Ok, lets see if I have this correct. We should elimante the “extras” that we offer the students and just “teach” them what they need to know to get a job? Ok, we do that, and what do you get, maybe higher unemployment or yet higher drop out rates.

Hum, if we look at the people that run our country, and no not just President Bush, did we take all the “extras” out of their schooling? Nope they had it all and it appears that they succeded. We have two of the top oppounts for President that had it all and they still succeeded. But, we have to take it away from the students of today so that they will succeeded. Either you don’t have childern in school now or your childern have already gone on to better things. But, speaking from experience, if you take out the “extras” you will only put more pressure on the students. Alot of the students that are involved in the “extras” also take AP and PRE-AP classes. So, you can’t say that they are not thinking of their futures.

We have to find a median where we all benefit from the “changes.” I work in the corporate world and understand that “lay-offs” happen and we have to move forward. However, when you start laying off your employees that you are needing to make a district succeed, I am concern. For example, in the corporate world, you have a receptionist that answers your phone calls. Do you lay her off, due to budget cuts, and expect the phones still to be answered. Oh thats right you have someone else in the office do that and their own work. Now if you do the equation can you tell me what will be late? Can you tell me for sure that the other employee will not get a write-up for not doing their own job because they have to “play” receptionist also. Think before you act. Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.

We need to go back to thinking of this as a SCHOOL district,not a million dollar corporation. We need to focus on what is best for the childern and your staff that you depend on to teach them. Yes education is not where it should be, but that falls back to having parents that care and take a interest in their students. Do we make the students, of parents that care, feel the neglect of no “fun” because we have students, without the parent that cares, that don’t WANT to learn? You can only teach a student that wants to learn. Just like the old saying.. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
« runwhileyoucan wrote on Sunday, Apr 06 at 09:48 PM »
Medwrit, I don’t know what to say about only getting two weeks notice except that teachers commit to lower pay and higher abuse based on job security. They don’t make less money than others with similar qualifications for the fun of it. I will repeat job decisions are made for a variety of reasons, security, like location and pay, would be one of those considerations.

Just because one may not be musically inclined does not mean that music shouldn’t be taught. One of the components colleges look for when admitting students is well-rounded interests. If the schools keep eliminating extra activites and only focus on academics (and lets face it at this point we are actually expected to celebrate the passing of a MINIMUM skills test) they are going to leave a large portion of the population they serve behind. Parents with college bound students will start making different choices for the education of their children.

As to the reorganization of the schools letting go of aides in the school is just like a company firing secretaries; who fires the workers? The bond was never meant to support each school having five to eight people minimum that are not responsible for the direct education of students at administrative pay. Principal, plus assistants, plus deans, plus intervention specialists, curriculum specialists…. but the problem is too many teachers, go figure.
« FactuallySpeaking wrote on Sunday, Apr 06 at 02:30 PM »
As all this plays out over the next few months, I cannot help wondering how many nonessential administrative positions will receive pink slips.
« FBEast wrote on Sunday, Apr 06 at 08:07 AM »
I’m not going to blame Fort Bend ISD for their growth projections being wrong. I don’t think anyone could have projected the economy grinding to a halt like it has. Blame President Bush if you must, but not Jenney.

HOWEVER, I do believe the Austin demographer and FBISD owe the general public a new report showing new projections. We still need some new schools but probably not as many as earlier predicted.

I think we’re also owed an explanation from Dr. Jenney what will happen to the Bond money if say, 3 fewer schools are required than earlier projected.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 06 at 06:03 AM »
ahh change is good right?.....isn’t that a national politico’s slogan?

The grown-ups see these changes as good. Is the Supt is taking us towards educating our kids and not entertaining our kids.

I’d like to see less emphasis on the soft cirriculum ie band, dance, watching videos etc and more emphasis on math, science, yanno stuff to help us get a job etc ….wouldn’t that be refershing. Imagine a school district where kids actually learn something. Wow!

This has got to be upsetting the PHDs in edu….yanno the educrats that have taken us down the road of dumbing down.

Dr Jenney rocks!!!!....

Anonymous said...


« Muckraker wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 10:17 AM »

You’re doing a good job bringing the house down around you again. So I won’t add to your failed logic. You enjoy pointing the finger at the average taxpayers while defending the elites, it is very funny actually (keep defending the special interest crony-boy)...

I will comment specifically on this quote,

“I’m sure some of you would like me to pay your mortgages too, oh wait that is fixing to happen too if the dems in Congress have their way.”

So the banks that will be bailed out for extending “alternative loans” and baiting the public into mortgages they couldn’t possibly maintain has no part in this current crisis (much a repeat of the S&L bail-out of the late 80s)?

Keep it up, you are GOLD in these threads, pure GOLD!

Click here to join the reform effort…
« andromeda wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 10:00 AM »

De-emphasizing fine arts and sticking to core classes is ludicrous. Fine arts has been limited. Take a look at the U.I.L rules that state that Texas schools have limited rehearsal times. Yet these fine teachers still find a way to compete at a national level against other schools that get unlimited rehearsal times. You want to de-emphasize fine arts? How about we just close down all the symphony halls, opera halls, theatres, museums and concert venues. While were at it, let’s get rid of movies, television, and radio. Maybe we should just speak the national anthem instead of singing it. The facts are, all of the great cultural things that this or any country has to offer, are perpetuated by someone teaching fine arts to students in school.

Furthermore, studies have shown that students involved in fine arts generally score 6 to 11 percent higher on standardized tests such as TAKS, SAT, and ACT.

By the way JBB, eduction is spelled e-d-u-c-A-t-i-o-n,

superflous is spelled s-u-p-e-r-f-l-U-o-u-s,

and refershing is spelled, r-e-f-R-E-s-h-i-n-g

maybe you do need some core classes.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 08:33 PM »
standupfb, my post was answering edmom’s of how her son learned leadership(?) in band…..do we allow/fund all things that promote leadership?ie boyscouts etc Where do we draw the line and who makes those distinctions?

Here’s an idea why not have a class on leadership and make it an elective course.

I’m sure some of you would like me to pay your mortgages too, oh wait that is fixing to happen too if the dems in Congress have their way.
« standupfb wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 08:14 PM »

So now we are going to talk about what the Boy Scouts can do, while you are at, what about Girl Scouts. They are just as active and learn just as much. And, they could be consider extra cir. because they do take place at some schools and they are after school. So do we ban these also because they are not “educationial” in our wishful thinking of education?

Ok, I thought of something for you have a come back for. If we really want to make schools all about “eduction”, then we need to get rid of all the electives that are required for graduation. What is the purpose of these, besides fun and learning a skill. They learn a skill that is not part of your “core” education. If we did this then the students wouldnt be in school for 4 years of high school but for only 2 1/2 maybe 3. Then we could push them into college at a younger age and then into the work force at a younger age. It will not matter that they are not emotionialy nor physically ready for the challage but hey they have the “required” education that you are harping on about here. For once stop and think of the students. Not what you expect them to be, but they CAN be! We are in this world to guide this childern to try their best, have fun, and to succeed. Not to work work work and then die. If you look back on your life now, could you actually say I did the best I could, that I made mistakes, but I learned from them, and I enjoyed my life that I had? You know what I can and I can go to sleep every night and say thank you for the many blessing I received today. I might not get everything done that I wanted, but I was able to spend time with my family and make memories. That is more important than living by a list of “codes” that you seem to want to make the students of today follow. Now if you could come back and say that you were a multi-billionaire then I might say you have some saying power. But, then I would say, put your money were your mouth is. Stand up for these students and give them the best life that they can have. You never know one of the many students in our district could the next President, the next Congressman or Senator, or even better, a TEACHER!

I will close for now, and await your reply, because I know you will.
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 07:56 PM »

You’re arousing my interests..please elaborate and wander…
« Muckraker wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 05:30 PM »

The Meyer’s piece was a recent release on the road bonds versus the new court complex bonds (commissioners court). Perhaps we need a closer court watcher. I know someone who goes often, but not every time. FBN has a good report in this issue on this one. I always wonder why they need this extended tunnel. I bet it’s a bond eater for some vendor. . .
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 05:19 PM »

It’s too hard..please guide, update line by line for me? Not that saavy on Meyers position yet. He’s not layed off is he?
« Muckraker wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 04:09 PM »

Put me on your contact list if you start sending out updates. It really helps with the big picture that is so often skewed for the public eye. Did you get any more stories on the stop-TTC rally lately? What do you think of Meyers stance on the coming county bonds?

Chat with you soon…

Click here for reform…
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 04:04 PM »
Muckie darling,

Beauty is in the eyes of yahoo_o who_? Ha, I must cellie my council on that one-over laps….
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 03:23 PM »
M or calvin or JaneL I dream of the day when you offer a meaningful opinion.

The same tireless rant is worn out.
« Muckraker wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 03:19 PM »

Good to see you keeping an eye on SL too. I’m sure they need it. Maybe you could start a watch group and a yahoo list. Often the information for this area is best shared since much of it over laps.


You are correct about student drop out rates and the lack of engagement. You are also right to advocate for these teachers and these programs. Only wish the special interest who suck off the bonds/debt has seen fit to produce accurate growth projections prior to the RECORD vote. Kinda makes you wonder if it wasn’t intentional, along with the “layoffs” or what ever the central office bunch is wanting to label them, making sure this was timed for post election. It would also be nice if the BOT, our elected officials, would ask these questions…

Join the reform efforts, click here (not you wader)...

Post script

Oh darn “jbb/wader” and you know just how much your opinion means to me and others in here. . .
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 03:01 PM »
M you waste hour upon hour posting your drivel in here, obviously your intelligent. Just think of the things you’d accomplish with goals and a real life.

edmom the boy scouts teach kids leadership also, should that be an extra cir. activity at school also?

I know reality is hard for some to grasp but unfortunately the taxpayers just have to say no sometimes. The educrats can’t.
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 12:40 PM »
Oh! Fine Arts!


I am lucky to attend Sugar Land Council meetings, in that my mind absorbs details. I have a great love for research and knowledge, but here’s the thing: last week FBISD was gracious in their Student Art display. Oh my gosh! Beauty beyond! Especially, deserving applause, a most gorgeous horse piece! Oh so beautiful!
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 12:22 PM »
Sorry…carry on!
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 12:21 PM »
Good =-) day!


Say, did you know I was VP of my Drill team? Never in trouble? 100% I agree with your band program, but between you & me, I did laugh too much…ha my “side” of the line never knew how to dance the moves right! Sh_h! But we did fake it, but not the least of which I always got a tongue lashing from Ms. K. ...ahh memories!
« edmom wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 12:17 PM »
sorry – sent the comment too soon! the reason my son was solicited to attend these universities was not the high score on SAT that he received or his GPA of 3.2….BUT THE FACT THAT HE WAS IN BAND AND LEADERSHIP!! All of the scholarship applications that we’ve applied for directly ask what extracurrics he is in and his leadership qualities. My son not only benefited from these programs but is a really well-rounded individual. Can or should we get rid of these just because someone thinks its a good idea? Did anyone bother asking the students since really – its the students that this affects? I am really fed up with all the politics. And it does seem that everyone seems to be looking at the bottom dollar and not how it affects students. Fort Bend has been known for its’ outstanding Fine Arts programs – many folks move to this school district for that reason alone. What a shame that some folks think that only “readin’, writin’; and arithmatic” are all these kids need to succeed. NO my kid isn’t going into music in college, NO he isn’t going into education – he is doing something not even related to the field..but he is outgoing and knows what leadership and team work is all about….CAN YOU TEACH THAT IN A REGULAR CLASSROOM?? nope…..you learn that on the band field or in a concert band.

And the elkins team that won state?? what an accolade for them….an honor…these students probably put in hundreds of hours of rehearsing and whatever they do to prepare for this…and they are learning to get along as a team and learning to play an instrument and be proficient….good for them….and JBB? I think you need a serious refresher in what in means when one says a mind is a terrible thing to waste…..
« edmom wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 12:07 PM »
Good afternoon –

After reading all the posturing and actually laughing at some of the comments I really have to sit back and ponder this. I am a parent, I am involved in education and I have a senior who will be attending college. My son has not only benefited from the band program, but you know what, I knew exactly where my son was everyday after school and weekends. THE REASON why my son was solicited by colleges – yes colleges – to attend their institutes of higher learning was
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 11:57 AM »
as usual M or calvin or janeL or whatever you are today, you keep projecting your perceptions on me and getting it wrong.

I didn’t say teacher were bad, you did.

Actually not all administrators are bad just the educrats. You’re kinda defensive, perhaps its becuse you are one.

You keep spinning for the ones who give us 12th graders who aren’t smarter than a 5th grader.

“I wonder what would have happened to the special interest RECORD bond had they made these moves before the vote?” M maybe you should pick up the phone and call them and ask….

Help stamp out bitterness and ignorance become an involved and informed voter.

a ‘M’ind is a terrible thing to waste.
« TexasRose wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 11:53 AM »
Hmm, Mmm…uckie making moves, better watch me! ..;-) Moving architectural arrangements isn’t always “pretty”, but I try my prettiest….

Say, by the way isn’t that a PHD your wearing? Yes, it’s all about successful leadership qualities, not about the architecture!
« Muckraker wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 11:42 AM »
Don’t let “jbb/wf” get you upset TR. He’s to busy deflecting in here for the leadership & special interest to even look for the facts. In his thinking any teacher is an “educrat”. But like I’ve said before let him keep spinning for the special interest that have helped hand us these wonderful buildings and land that the admins can support via the OPs budget. I wonder what would have happened to the special interest RECORD bond had they made these moves before the vote?

Help defeat the special interests in one FB city, click here for more…
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Monday, Apr 07 at 11:25 AM »
no doubt he can Rose but wouldn’t it be wonderful if other kids could too?

Anonymous said...


« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 06:09 PM »
Of course I fully expect you to defend those responsible for the budget issues, but don’t you think they should NOT mislead the public that pays them? Too many examples already exist from this new administration to support the public deception shell game that continues to be the norm in this county. If you aren’t going to get involved then you really shouldn’t be taunting those constantly for your corporate over-lords who are working for true democratic reforms or have you forgotten that our tax dollars do not exist for the benefit of the big contributors contrary to your cliques mantra. . .tell owen hello for me and tell him to change his message too…he has had 22+ years to effect the change he claims…

...as for your low life comments, perhaps you should try them on for size neo-con.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 05:55 PM »
M the dramqueen…posing as JaneL….who else pray tell?....

Rose loan him your diva crown…...hahaha

M the heading says it all admin cuts costs and the whining starts…..
« TexasRose wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 02:23 PM »

Nice to see you (agree)!...;-)
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 02:16 PM »

He has issues with womens wear apparently. He keeps posting his fantasy in several of the threads repeatedly… ; }
« TexasRose wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 02:14 PM »
Ha,ha tiarra!


Did you peek at me last night? I know that was you!
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 02:05 PM »
Wader (jbb),

Why don’t you stop repeating yourself? Answer the earlier question on your “insider” connections and stop defending the indefensible, btw you have absolutely NO credibility…


You have every right to expect a return for your tax dollars…
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 01:51 PM »
M the self appointed know it all…look at the heading of the article…..looks like the admin is doing their jobs and edmom is crying…..did you miss that?

did you miss this as well?

” Muckraker wrote on Thursday, Apr 10 at 04:26 PM »

You seem to constantly butt into conversations that aren’t addressed to you”

what a dramaqueen….Rose can he/she borrow your diva tierra?
« WhatFirstAmendment? wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 01:31 PM »
I (HS) am back with a new name.

Muckraker, I received an email from the site administrator. I asked him to point me to a webpage with the ‘rules’.

He stated (and I quote), “There are no “rules” per se. Just report abuse if you see it…”

Removal of my comments which were/are essential to a reader trying to understand the thread is just wrong. You have said more ‘offensive’ things than I. I have not tried to have your comments deleted.

I am incredibly disappointed and upset with this website for such action.
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 01:14 PM »

It’s pretty simple, just follow the site rules…
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 01:13 PM »
BTB “wader/jbb/JP” your friend HS is being deleted from the site. That leaves only you again to troll for the special interest you work for…
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 01:10 PM »
“edmom wants “only the best” for her child on someone else’s nickle.”

BTW wader (“jbb”), if the admins and BOT had been doing their jobs and not the standard crisis mgmt, much of this could have been avoided. They are responsible for budget and planning, now go get your row boat and troll so more. EDMOM, as do many, pay their taxes and expect a return on them, unlike you and the crony bys who feed off the bonds you push.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 12:43 PM »
oh btw M

” Muckraker wrote on Thursday, Apr 10 at 04:26 PM »

You seem to constantly butt into conversations that aren’t addressed to you”

what a dramaqueen….Rose can he/she borrow your diva tierra?
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 12:34 PM »
M as usual you are so far off its laughable….

edmom wants “only the best” for her child on someone else’s nickle. Its like moving into a country club environment and wanting to partake in all the finer aspects of CC life but not pay dues. If she wants a fine arts program for her child there are plenty available at private schools.

FBISD/HISD can barely teach kids an edu let alone intoduce them to the fine arts. Thanks to the educrats.

My solution is do away with all extra cir. activities unless a school maintains an exemplary status…let them earn it. Then I bet you’ll see some leadership, team work, and the dreaded word educrats hate….competition.
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 12:25 PM »
First EDMOM we need to dump the elected officials that do what they are told by a certain industry, then we pressure the district admins to publish accurate information so the public won’t be mislead into supporting unnecessary expenditures. A good start would be a BOT that practices over-sight and questions the budget rather than rubber stamping it. Perhaps then we wouldn’t be asking all these questions now, after the fact. Crisis management seems to be the norm in this county with the strings attached bunch.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 11:59 AM »
if you place the value of a stadium over a kids edu…well I’m not surprised. thats precisely whats wrong with America….”the you owe me crowd”
« edmom wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 11:53 AM »

Well…the way I look at it…yes we do need more stadiums…and good for Cy Fair…and that Berry Center place? EXTRAORDINARY….I have been there…the indoor arena holds more than basketball games…it holds GRADUATION ceremonies…gee – that’s a thought. I should have realized that with your dislike of fine arts extra cir. that you wouldn’t like football either. I have had the most fun NOT ONLY attending debates at school but attending football games and watching the student body engage in a social activity that is fun…and guess what…I KNOW WHERE MY KID IS! and the best part? Not only the football game…but watching kids march on a field – after having learned somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-10 sheets of music and 25 marching sets….hmmmm, let’s see…I don’t know a lot of folks that can read music, play an instrument, count the rhythmn in their head, march and change directions at the same time all while doing it from MEMORY.

We loose sight of what value there is from extra cir. activities. FBISD is touted as one of the districts in the state with an outstanding Fine Arts program….it needs to continue because really – this is a great school district…I moved here for that reason…I want to see these things continue – along with the great education that my kid has gotten….I have another coming up thru the district and hopefully this child will glean the same benefits from the district as my first child…..well-rounded academically and thru extra cir. activities….hopefully the powers that be will see that we truly value all areas of education including fine arts.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 11:42 AM »
oh lookie the dramaqueen is back….

time to ruin the discuss…..

let the hate rant begin…...
« Muckraker wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 11:24 AM »
” FBISD not only duplicated Dulles stadium at Hightower they actually built back up hi-jump pits just in case?!? excessive? anyway you look at it.”


The neo-cons won’t like you now. Don’t forget you are supposed to defend Charlie Howard, Jameson and the other backers of bigger and more stadiums, now you are free-lancing. Good to see you switch sides from the bond stumpers, now just admit your wrong and you haven’t a clue about the studies that refute your tripe regarding school engagement. Just say it…..it’s ok…..no one is looking…..say it..”edmom is right”.....now that wasn’t so bad now was it?

. . . ; }

I agree with you 100% EDMOM!
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 10:53 AM »
edmom actually I could care less about football. So do we need the high dollar stadiums with the million dollar scoreboards? thats right cyfair school dist actually built a million dollar scoreboard for high school football. FBISD not only duplicated Dulles stadium at Hightower they actually built back up hi-jump pits just in case?!? excessive? anyway you look at it.

I understand you want the best edu for your child….however there has to be limits.
« edmom wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 10:26 AM »

so now Band and fine arts are considered just an idea to be funded? Educating in a well-rounded manner is considered cost prohibitive? Having an individual develope well academically – yep my kid makes straight A’s in his CORE classes and has been in band for 4 years…. and be exposed to fine arts is the issue….I think that with the way the world is today we need to seriously step back and see just what we deem as important…an idea to be funded?? Well…then I guess we need to seriously look at all extra cir. activities….I wonder what kind of comments you’d receive if FOOTBALL was treated in the same manner. Would they consider cutting an extra cir. activity that actually makes the district money? You know, a funny thing is, when you go to a football game in Texas 1/4 of the parents there are to support the football team…the other PAYING spectators are the BAND PARENTS…..
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 09:53 AM »
edmom you missed my point where do we draw the line on extra cir. activites do we fund every idea that comes along? of course not that would be cost prohibitive.

I did enjoy the conversation….and the mudslinging only comes from our dramaqueen who has nothing to add to anything but his bitterness and hatred.
« edmom wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 09:13 AM »
Good Morning, JBB – because I am sure you are anxiously awaiting a reply from Edmom…that’s me…oh by the way -did you get it? EDMOM – ed meaning education….

Here’s my answer, and I will try to be as simplistic as possible, as that is all you seem to understand…

Leadership? What is Leadership? How did my kid learn it in band? I will tell you….

Students these days walk into a classroom with 20 or so kids..sit down, do the required work, leave. Band…not only an elective (electives are required to graduate, remember)but one that has over 200 students in the program and therefore larger class sizes – Band…has sections…each section requiring discipline and learning. Older students are called upon to mentor and teach the younger students…mentoring – a good thing, is it not? Learning to lead and work as a team is something that is carried over into the work environment…Band provides that opportunity to learn and be leaders and work as a team player – there are over 200 different personalities involved! I am not one to get into the politics of the matter and the obvious slinging of mud between folks because it appears you all know each other and don’t like each other. Frankly, I do not care what you think of each other….again…you loose sight of the issue at hand.

Maybe as another said to you JBB – should we just go ahead and shut down the symphony, orchestra, theatres, opera…etc? Should we become mechanical and live like robots for the greater good of a dollar?
« anonymous_one wrote on Thursday, Apr 10 at 08:41 PM »
i would just like to add the following:

i see that many of you commenting on this article are well-educated, articulated adults…

and as a high school student, i respect that very much..

but i cannot help but comment on this particular article…

i have a personal connection to the proposed cuts being made regarding percussion instructors…

never mind the fact that these people are integral parts to the education of their students, or the fact that they are horridly underpaid for the amount of work and time they must commit to…

never mind the jargon regarding taxes and money and budgets, or the fluff about what is deemed necessary and what isnt..

but have you ever stopped to think emotionally?

how these instructors may have inspired a student? how these instructor may have been mentors? sure, any algebra or chemistry teacher can inspire or mentor also, but teachers that teach core classes seldomly get to spend as much time or get to know their students as much as a band, orchestra, or percussion director can!

because of my percussion director, his knowledge, passion, commitment, amazing personality rarely seen in my educational day, i have sought a degree in music education…

hoping to continue his legacy..

and teach band at the high school level…

because that is how he affected me…

he touched and inspired a student…

i know of several other students pursuing the same dream as me, because of their music educators in high school…

so, to eliminate the employments of these teachers would be to also eliminate the chance for them to help more students…

thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

-a high school senior.
« TexasRose wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 01:54 PM »
Don’t loo_ook at me runwild, I’m just play czech’s …;-)
« runwild wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 12:08 PM »
I just heard about all of this, but I like your posts. What professional idiot proposed that taking these few positions away was a good idea anyway? Elkins and Austin have great fine arts programs. Why are they getting picked on?
« TexasRose wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 11:35 AM »
Merci Muckie...Czech mate moi utajeny’

Always stop to smell the roses .;-)

High levels to IQ, pretty normal? My son’s TAKS is quite telling: 47 correct out of 48!
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 11:16 AM »
I see posters posting in here that they don’t want their children going to school in MC….

then I see parents in Sienna saying they don’t want “outsiders” to attend “their” schools….

then I see posters saying band is more important than the drop out rate…...combine that with the educrats and I know whats wrong with schools today.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 11:10 AM »
M or calvin or JaneL whatever you are today one you can count on…when you arrive the IQ level goes down…along with the discussion.

Now spew the hate rant.
« TexasRose wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 10:44 AM »
Hey, so_o ..

anyone interested in my *Lexile Measure?
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 10:35 AM »
better yet M or calvin or JaneL or whatever you are today maybe you can post for me….

I hear you’re good at that.

How many hours today will you waste posting mindless drivel?
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 10:23 AM »
M or calvin or JaneL whatever you are today you’re right I do seem to attract the nuts.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Tuesday, Apr 08 at 10:21 AM »
andromeda the arts or more important than drop out rates?

I can always spot a lib they put style over substance everytime.

Anonymous said...


« Muckraker wrote on Monday, Apr 14 at 03:39 AM »
Thanks StanP.,

I think we can get beyond the rhetoric of the parties and find independent candidates and people to support in the local races that focus on the issues and not the intentional detractors.

As for what “wf/jbb/JP” calls being stood up I think if you e-mail me I can send you the full e-mail exchange as it was sent to me. Basically he invited and then cancelled claiming the usual BS. He never had any intention of buying anyone breakfast. Just more of his posturing on the threads. E-mail me at transparencyingovt@yahoo.com for the transcript.

“Me, I’m a little short on local politicos, although I am quickly getting up the learning curve with FBN and some of the other sites you and others have referenced.”

I agree Stan, thanks to sites like these we can share at the grass-roots level. I see FBW has made some BOT endorsements at http://fbisdwatch.blogspot.com/2008/04/fbisdwatch-school-board-candidate.html

Don’t forget to take part in your local municipal and school board races. The special interest are working over-time to keep control over those bond rewards via the boards, councils and commissions (MUDs too). April 28th thru May 6th is early voting, with May 10th election day. . .
« StanPrince wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 07:13 PM »
wf/jbb – I can’t speak for Mucky, but I wouldn’t meet you for coffee because we’re like dogs & cats. We’d end up having a pizzing contest, both get pizzed, end up trying to kill one another, FB Sheriffs would come arrest us and from listening to TR, I don’t think either of us want to walk down that wormhole. Or, who knows, maybe we’d like each other. Warning: I’m a Dem and you’re not. But I don’t hold that against you. Like me, one day you’ll see the error of your ways….

Mucky, No I haven’t block-walked or attended a candidates forum. Out here in GW, I have done battle with our MUD’s & HOA. I am going to contact Richard Morrison and get involved in his support.

I’m in business and my industry is going thru big-time changes now, so I have worked for our trade organization and tried to enlist some State support; unfortunately, when Dora (or her staff) saw I lived in Greatwood, I got no response. Maybe she saw I was GOP in the past. But you’re my role model with your activism and block-walking. Well, you and TR/SM1. But you guys are tough. You’re a walking encyclopedia of local politics and she’s smart as a whip, but also has a generous amount of eye-candy appeal. Me, I’m a little short on local politicos, although I am quickly getting up the learning curve with FBN and some of the other sites you and others have referenced. Now eye-candy. That’s an intangible you and I won’t ever achieve. Who said we were all born equal….

Night, night all.

You too, WF! I still say you’re OK and you’re just humoring yourself and putting on a front as an ogre. I bet in real life, you’re not like that at all…..

« Muckraker wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 03:46 PM »
“wf/jbb/jp….. you’re OK in my BOOK (name pun intended). Because of you, Mucky and I have formed what to me is a nice bond and Mucky and me are 180-degrees apart in political philosophy. It just goes to show you. You can find friends and allies in a most unusual way.”


I don’t think BD would stoop to “jbb/wf/JP/BLs” level in such engagements. Of course with all the accusations, smoke-screen and unsupported circular arguments that the owenites engage in anything is possible. After all it was “jbb/wf” who claimed everyone posting in another thread was one poster (makes you wonder about his sanity.

Just a humorous side bar for you Stan, a few weeks ago at coalition gathering one speaker suggested we hand out t-shirts with the front reading “I voted for Allen Owen” and the back stating “But I’m certifiably insane”. . . if you knew this guy you’d love him. He’s a former policeman who joined the reform some time back. A genuine character whose live for 3 decades in MC. We are normally political opposites too, but have found a common theme regarding out local political network that seems to threaten the string pullers so much, but “jbb/wf” can tell them hello for us all.

BTB, another good day meeting and greeting homeowners. All you have to show and tell them is the minutes on the tax increases and the article from 2006 where Owen and clan state they oppose CAD and rate tax caps…it always brings a huge frown to their faces and a funny smirk after showing the campaign disclosure statements.

Welcome back Stan! Join the reform at http://mcelectioninformation.blogspot.com. Oh, have you made any of the candidate forums yet?
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 02:35 PM »
Stan I wondered where you went. Glad to see you and Muckie or buds, I offered to meet him for breakfast and his response was sue me….hahaha

I know a guy just like M he graduated from USL too, a dramaqueen just like M. If he only knew how much I have his number.
« StanPrince wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:41 PM »
Sometimes its wise to “just say no” to posting and getting into silly back-n-forth’s w/wf/jbb/jp or whoever/whomever. It’s a highway to noway. It’s kind of fun at first, then, the next thing you know, you become cynical and then, emotions take over and you really start letting him/her get under your skin… then you go back a day or so later and see what you’ve posted and you begin to realize….. there are some people who have the ability to bring out the worst in you. wf/jbb/fp is that kind of person (to me), and it looks like to others too.

Now that I’ve been on the sideline for practically over a week, when I look in at the back-n-forth’s, I can see it for what it really is. It’s entertainment.

Now I have a different take on wf/jbb/jp; if he weren’t posting here, who would get everyone riled up? Then it would become boring.

You know, maybe some of you have thought of this… maybe wf/jbb/jp is (Do I Dare To Say It?)... could he be Bob Dunxxxxx,,, oh stop it, no way…..

But Bob Dunn is an astute businessman and keeping a lively forum’s got to be good for business…... oh, forgive me, I’ve been outside enjoying the beautiful day.

wf/jbb/jp….. you’re OK in my BOOK (name pun intended). Because of you, Mucky and I have formed what to me is a nice bond and Mucky and me are 180-degrees apart in political philosophy. It just goes to show you. You can find friends and allies in a most unusual way.

wf/jbb/jp,... you have a very good day. I’m sure in the not too distant future, you’ll strike a nerve with me and I’ll jump back in the fray.

Or, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll think of the Wizard of Oz pulling all those levers behind the curtain. I then may wonder,... who is this grand manipulator,....... and maybe I may become convinced,.... its none other than Bob Dun..xx, NO, NO, NO!! There I go again.

Well, back outside for me. Got to take in some beautiful rays, inhale some crisp, cool, non-polluted air, turn on some Isley Brothers on my MP3 player, crack open a nice cold one, and just thank God (or our lucky stars) that life is such a beautiful trip…. if we let it be.

Let it be, let it be,.... (oh well, there I go giving up my age, Let it Be… the Beatles!


Hi TR (or is it SM1)? OMG, you don’t think that could be Bob Dun..xxxx!! Perish the thought…

Summer Breeze; Ron Isley and the Isley Brothers!
« WhatFirstAmendment? wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:38 PM »
This thread has gotten HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laughs. I’m not sure I’ve laughed this hard since Jr High!
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:31 PM »
Bookie, you are right I have never spoken to a butt boy, you have given us insight to the life of a troll butt boy. You will become famous for this one..Too Cool
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:29 PM »
You are too cute.. you never cease to amaze me. I am toasting to your new journey.. Almost there, keep going buddy.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:27 PM »
I’ll be busy waiting for your feet to finally touch the ground so I probably will not even notice the fans. This is a huge accomplishment for you, coming from manure to the real world. I could not be more proud of you… Deep Breath, you can do it.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:24 PM »
REAL I realize this may have been the longest conversation you’ve ever had with an adult….and hopefully your haid don’t hurt too bad. But alas you bore me you’re not as much fun to toy with as muckie.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:20 PM »
REAL maybe you can write a book for all your fans describing your ascension to the top of the heap….your astonishing journey to becoming the communication cordinator for the reformers….I bet your fans can’t wait.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:17 PM »
Bookie you are so brilliant, now you must take that long walk home, ill be rooting for you all of the way you brave one. Freedom for you draws near.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:12 PM »
REAL you finally get it… I too can dream that I will be as successful as you one day.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:06 PM »
I still have hope for you Bookie, you can make it after all. Place one foot in front of the other and just admit it, that you really need serious help.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:02 PM »
Ha HA HA you would know alot about left and behind…get it….. You are still stuck in there huh?
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 01:00 PM »
REAL America is the land of opportunity and freedom you proven with all of our resources one can still get left behind….
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:58 PM »

Your genius seems to over shadow them all. Congradulations
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:55 PM »
REAL you must be the communication specialist for M’s reform movement….hahaha
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:54 PM »
REAL no doubt you are in awe of me….you’re not exactly a genius.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:51 PM »
Bookie I am at awe knowing that you lack such self control. oh yeah maybe it’s the medication
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:46 PM »
Real I can see how you and M or calvin or JaneL bonded intellectually…..oh yeah we be bad…..
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:40 PM »

We MUST keep you as far away from FB schools as possible. This is insane, what a jerk.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:37 PM »
I feel cheated knowing that my tax dollars are wasted on a troll predator spewing his anger, and involving innocent people.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:34 PM »
What is mostly sad is that you have moved from attacking others that do not agree with your Owen theory to thinking about procreation, high school students, and sucking now that is very scary and sad at the same time. Where in the world is your mind.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:29 PM »
I love this thread an insight in the mind of a dem voter….as a taxpayer I feel cheated my tax dollars paid for this education. absolutely amazing….
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:27 PM »
REAL you couldn’t ask a serious question if an adult wrote it for you. Whats sad is you can vote and procreat…..

Next time you want to learn something look me up. You charm was only exceeded by your outstanding intelligence.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:23 PM »
M you are right, we must move back on topic and stop this foolishness being brought on by the troll.

But before I do I have a serious statement and question for Bookie.

Bookie I find it vey strange that you continue to reference high school kids and sucking in the same sentence, should we be concerned about a possible predator alert.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:22 PM »
M or calvin or JaneL your protege is a hoot proving once again you can fool some of the people all the time…..

Now for the first time in my life I can appreciate how the Clintons can think dem voters are really stupid. simply amazing….
« Muckraker wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:14 PM »
I wonder how far off topic and how low Mr. Books is going to take this thread? How come everytime I see him in a thread it ends up like this one?
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:14 PM »
Bookie you are one useless troll. What an old dummy, such a waste of money and time.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:08 PM »
Bookie, the only dummy here is the one that is stuck in a compromising position and paid pennies for doing so and that would have to be you… SUCKER
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:03 PM »
Realie when it comes to sucking you’re better….but I may have over estimated you. I thought you might have graduated from high school but now I see perhaps I was wrong…..I think you’re even dumber than I first thought….and that was dumb.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 11:08 AM »

It is apparent that you have exp. sucking many varieties and sticking in many places that you do not belong. Wow, you are a busy man, how is it smelling over there?

I have no doubt that every time you have posted lately that Owen and the gang want to reach out and soccer punch you for turning out to be such a smock…you are without a doubt a product of trash because that is truly all that comes from your trashy mouth.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 10:42 AM »
REAL I have do doubt you have more exp at sucking than me….

also I have no doubt that an entire teaching staff at a high school jumps up and hi-5s each other everytime you post…...you are without a doubt a product of public edu….
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 10:03 AM »

You misunderstood, I think you have just lost your troll job. You SUCK.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 10:00 AM »

You have made me laugh so hard this morning at how lost you really are. It is like setting a trap for a rat that gets caught. You are trippig up all over yourself, it looks like this thing is getting ahead of you, such a dummy with nowhere to go. After this one Owen will not have much use for you anymore, But can you blame him?
« Muckraker wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 09:40 AM »

I think you are very much in line with some of the problems facing this and other quickly urbanizing districts. Often the powers that control the BOTs and direct the hiring of the new breed of bond stumping supts miss the boat on the importance of keeping the public adequately and honestly informed on our dime. Get more at http://fbisdwatch.blogspot.com


I would agree with the “amusing” comment. It’s especially amusing when she points out your proclivity to get too close to your bosses arse as was the case when you defended the special interest taxing zones in December, and your subsequent trolling drool….don’t you think it’s time to get back on topic and change those buckets (drool). It’s really hard to take you serious when you can’t produce anything but tripe.

Why don’t you take your own advice and produce just one document supporting your claims? Instead you continually taunt and harangue visitors to the site. You will always be confronted for it, promise. NOW provide support for your neo-con, corporate welfare clan, while I go show more MC voters the TRUTH. . . ; }

...Sorry “jbb/wf/JP” I have to respond to your crap more when I get back. Perhaps others can play troll watch while I’m gone showing your neighbors the records? Say hi to the lads. . .
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 09:32 AM »
Bookie the human booger is ripe for the plucking…you are obviously ABSENT MINDED, convoluted, disenchanted, disenfranchised, disaffected, disastrous…disgusting.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 09:27 AM »
M or calvin or JaneL or whatever you are today….your protege is amusing…..not to bright but amusing kind of like you.
« Muckraker wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 09:23 AM »

I’m glad you finally admit you do have strings attached and are being compensated for your constant council trolling harassment.

“we WANT to pay you to keep posting”

You also must be running out of taunts in your “how too” book. Better buy a new one instead of copying others comebacks. Thanks to you we have a growing block-walking group out right now. Maybe soon they will stop at your door.

I need to go join them and will resume responding to your BS once I return from showing the records on your bosses.

Thanks GR for keeping “jbb/wf/JP” chasing his tail as usual. I just wonder when he is going to catch it…stay tuned to this fbn thread. . . stop!
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 09:14 AM »
REAL you misunderstand we WANT to pay you to keep posting….
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:52 AM »
Bookie, but you are the one getting paid for it, not me. I would have fired you a long time ago if you worked for me, because you make no sense attacking everyone that disagrees with you. You are being paid pennies to look ignorant and worthless. Maybe you should look for another line of work Bookie Levine.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:45 AM »
REAL no one is making Owen look better than you….spew that hate rant muckie taught you…
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:45 AM »

I was not the one who told you to stick your head in there in the first place, so please do not fault me for you being in that treacherous place. Like you said earlier you must walk the walk if you are willing to talk the talk.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:40 AM »
I just got a call from some people that want to fire Bookie from his full time job as an Owen operative citing that he has fallen under pressure and lacks the ability to make Owen look better, as if it were possible.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:31 AM »
I just got a call some people want to pay REAL to be a fulltime operative for the reformers…...

So M or calvin or JaneL….he’s like a “special” project?

btw did you show your protege “no offensive content policy ” (from the login site) Oh wait you said you agreed with everything he said….
« Muckraker wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:16 AM »

“jbb/wf” doesn’t know the difference between a democrat, republican or a chicken? Funny he pretends to be some sort of conservative while supporting elite corporate welfare. He doesn’t seem to understand the real difference between a closed system full of monopolies and an open truly free market. Of course he wouldn’t have a spin job in here if the closed system wasn’t being shoved on us (kinda like the TTC garbage)...

He needs to go back to the neo-con wing of the repubs and give them the message the the true conservatives are taking back the party on precinct chair at a time and will forge a coalition with any honest taxpayers/voters from any party sincerely interested in reforming the mess his bunch helped to lead and create.

He really thinks he found his niche trolling for his owenite buddies…I wonder what he feels about the recent defeat of one of the edc clan on the commissioners court?
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:16 AM »
Bookie, where is block head Owen, he couldnt be too far away from you, afterall you are two peas in a pod, especially with you being stuck and all.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:11 AM »
Hey Bookie are you really Bookie Levine or just another knockoff that is stalking mayor Allen Owen. Or are you just a thief also trying to find your place to get a piece of that Johnson pie too huh ?
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:02 AM »
Hay M or calvin or JaneL is REAL a protege? hahaha omg what a hoot!

This is why I come here folks to meet the REAL democrats….
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 08:01 AM »

It is not very hard to see that most things that come out of your mouth are very negative because you are a miserable person. Miserable + Head in azz= A Funky Combination.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 07:48 AM »
REAL you misunderstood knuckledragger wasn’t a compliment…..
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 07:44 AM »

Likewise it is always laughable to have a conversation with someone evil like you who has his head stuck up someone else’s azz. How is the smell keeping you? Pretty cloudy huh? Yeah I can tell.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 07:37 AM »
REAL likewise….trust me its always refreshing to have a dialogue with a knuckle dragger.
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 07:35 AM »

You are right, I am so-- scared of the mayor he might try to do something unlawful huh?

By the way did you get your head out yet?
« getreal wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 07:31 AM »

« Sweet_Misty1 wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 06:42 AM »



Starbuck my blueprints?
« TexasRose wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 06:23 AM »
Architecture can be soo..o revealing!
« TexasRose wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 06:22 AM »
Architecture can be soo..o revealing.
« Muckraker wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 06:17 AM »
“M or calvin you see nothing libelous with calling someone a thief?.....you come to….I’m sure Owen would love to see you….come on down big mouths…time to walk the walk…..talk. . .”

Getreal, jw,

Our local owen troll loves to reframe what posters say, call them liars and then challenge them to go before his candidate themselves, something he only does when the special interest contributors request it. It’s funny that he ignores the fact that ethics complaints have been filed in front of council and are on the record, numerous times. As a matter of fact the administration is currently out of compliance once again on several FOIA requests related to possible TOMA violations reported by this news service about a month ago. The current leadership has been confronted on these too with pending charges going to the state AGs office (not to mention TEC complaints). These are the facts and “jbb/wf” continues to ignore them and as usual taunt others while continuing is libel baiting practice for the mayor and his out of area special interest backers.

Now GR, jw, others, he will repost this and claim his boss has been defamed some how, but all of this is a matter of public record, with some of these ongoing. His boss knows very well already about all of them.

Get more at http://mcelectioninformation.blogspot.com or e-mail us for the disclosure statements, voting records we’ve been block-walking and showing to thousands in MC…


Good article, but you might also want to compare our bond rating to Katy’s, Lamars and closer systems. Remember we still have to borrow the states rating when we passed our RECORD debt/bond at the end of last year. This means we have to borrow more to build. That aside we also had a bond with operational costs moved into it and are a district that receives Robin-hood funds. Yes, we have some issues that need to be addressed. . .

....Hi SM!
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 06:10 AM »
FBEast thanks for the link, these schools will be 3 times the normal size, making you wonder what they’re thinking when their population goes down like spring branch’s these will be just big empty boxes. Plus they’re loaded with all the bells and whistles…..$130 million!..wow
« Sweet_Misty1 wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 06:01 AM »
Out of “mOuths” of babes…;-) Oops
« Sweet_Misty1 wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 05:59 AM »

Social Graces? Sweet & Just Fine!

Time to walk the walk, and dance the dance:

Let your muth getreal council meeting sessions in MC. Burt is Levinely been “book”ed.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 05:33 AM »
getreal time to put up or shut up….come on down to the next council meeting in MC on 4/21 and tell Mayor Owen to his face he’s a thief…..you seem to be letting your mouth overload your azz….or start stepping. Not only do you have a problem saying what you mean….you can only say it from behind a key board….

M or calvin you see nothing libelous with calling someone a thief?.....you come to….I’m sure Owen would love to see you….come on down big mouths…time to walk the walk…..talk is getting cheap and stupid around here…..
« FBEast wrote on Sunday, Apr 13 at 12:31 AM »

Kind of off-topic but did you see Klein High School is going to build a $110 million high school campus. You kind of wonder how FBISD can build high schools in the same time frame for half the price of Klein and Cypress? I realize their schools are for more students but either they’re putting in a lot more stuff or else FBISD’s estimation is way too low.
« getreal wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 08:26 PM »
« getreal wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 08:22 PM »

Getreal does not have a problem with saying what I really mean, and will not hesitate to addresss you when necesssary. I guess you are getting so emotional that you cannot tell your left side from your right side, but whatever the case may be your best bet is to move along and argue with those where you find a real argument, because dealing with me in that way is nothing but a waste of your time and mine.

I believe that you are the one that lacks professionalism and social graces and cannot stand it when someone puts you in your place for spreading such ignorance. The only troll on this site is the paid political consultant bka Brooks Levine. Bring your trash out in the open, We can already identify and smell a rat.
« FEDUPWITHFBISD wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 06:42 PM »
Both of these TEACHERS were told that the positions available for them would be parking lot attendant or Special Education teacher. Excuse me but how can you justify taking away a teacher that INSTRUCTS student and offeing them a parking lot attendant? So now we have enough money for this? Also how can you justify offering them a position as a special education teacher when they are music teachers? Don’t you need special training for special ed?

Ironic that the Elkins Indoor Percussion Theatre will be honored by the school board for winning their 3 consecutive out of 6 State Championship, at the same time they are professing how proud they are of these students, they are about to destroy this program by eliminating their instructor.

Money for parking lot attendants but not teachers . . . isn’t that what this whole thing is about . . adding more teachers?????
« FEDUPWITHFBISD wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 06:38 PM »
« Muckraker wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 06:29 PM »
“I don’t agree I think these remarks are libelous and imflamatory and do not lead to civil discusion, besides being totally classless.”


Looks like the pot calling the kettle black again. Our libel baiter must be putting in over-time for the crony boys.

Contact us GR & JW via transparencyingovt@yahoo.com, join the reform efforts!
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 06:26 PM »
getreal wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 10:58 AM »

“If I would like to say that Owen is a thief and represents Missouri City poorly then that is my business.”

“getreal wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 11:05 AM »

FBISD officials are known for lying and trying to cover up it’s dirty tracks.”

Muckraker wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 03:12 PM »

I agree jw and getreal.

I don’t agree I think these remarks are libelous and imflamatory and do not lead to civil discusion, besides being totally classless. So which is it getreal do you lack the social graces to have a discussion or are you just another troll?
« Muckraker wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 03:12 PM »
I agree jw and getreal. That’s why a group of us spent the day block-walking about 900+ voters homes. A beautiful and productive day. We sent two groups to hit retail centers around town. It’s great to see their reactions when you show them the tax increases, voting record and lack of responsiveness of owen and clan in the official city minutes. A very dedicated group and I was proud to be with them this day.

I will update this as we progress!
« WhatFirstAmendment? wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 03:04 PM »

I am in total agreement with you. You said the same thing that I said!! I was arguing that they seeks to put down & silence the opinion of another, which is what I am arguing against. Yesterday someone cried to the website about my opinion and former handle, and got all of my comments deleted from the website. That is exactly what you are arguing AGAINST! You seem to be somewhat oblivious to the conversations that have been going on the last few days.
« jw21 wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 01:36 PM »
I’m with you getreal and think we are seeing growing problems with the current board. I can’t wait for the elections. If I was in Mo-Cty I’d get those jerks out. It looks like books is very defensive.
« getreal wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 11:05 AM »
FBISD officials are known for lying and trying to cover up it’s dirty tracks. I believe the teachers version of the story. What reasons do these employees have to make up this story, it sure does not benefit them and it makes the district look suspicious for lying about it.
« getreal wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 10:58 AM »

Let us not get so carried away and not recognize that Books and Muckracker are both entitled to their opinions and one side should not be silenced when we are trying to pick one side over the other. Let us keep in mind that there is a certain level of professionalism that everyone posting on here should take as much as possible. This rule does not only apply to M,and as A matter of a fact I find it great that whoever M is that he or she stands for what they really believe in and that is to be admired and not looked down upon just because their is a disagreement.

I do not see how stating serious facts about the city council and Allen Owen’s tenure as mayor is a personal attack on Books. If I would like to say that Owen is a thief and represents Missouri City poorly then that is my business. Whoever wants to attack me for it then I wait and welcome it.
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 07:59 AM »
WhatFirstAdmendment don’t worry about M his real name is Chris Calvin PHD in edu. He’s had this battle with Johnson dev and they sued him.

He’s just bitter and angry and attacks anyone who has a point of view. He has trouble outwitting me, so he makes things up…ie I’m an owen operative or I’m on paid committees appointed by Mayor Owen etc. I’ve never held office in MC, never sat on committees in MC, do no business with MC….I only live there….he doesn’t.

He’s just someone who thrives on attn, even if its a put down. talk about needy, high main,etc he’s your typical dramaqueen….hence the nick.
« TexasRose wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 07:37 AM »

If you could be the most attractive, the most athletic, or the most intellectual..which tiara would you chose?

“Post M for Misty!”...;-)
« WhatFirstAmendment? wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 07:09 AM »

For some reason you think that only your opinions count. Every time JBB presents his argument, all you can do is call him a “troll” and insult him. He (and I) have just as much right to post their opinions as you and others with your opinion. For some reason, you think this is a one-sided message board. Well, when people lobby to have comments deleted…. it becomes that way.

And I know you’ll say that he launches insults as well (about tiaras and such). I don’t support that either. We should talk about issues, not someones choice of women’s clothing. ;)

I believe this is intended as a news website, and a place for community members to discuss news. When a supposed news organization removes comments that support an alternative view, that is censorship. I don’t care if my handle is “GoToHellAndDieDemocrats”. My opinion is still valid.
« Muckraker wrote on Saturday, Apr 12 at 05:18 AM »

You are a special interest troll that pushes and supports the crony bonds and sits on a hand appointed committee selected by the crony network. You continue to defend the very high bond sales and the poor planning by these hand picked supts (again by the same group you defend) and then blame those hired for the problems with the operations budget…

Sorry you were “outed” long ago. Go back to your QV neighborhood and report to the network that you have failed again to divert yet another thread. As for your latent feminine croos-dressing fantasies (your invention to marginalize) it’s best you go explore that on one of the other blogs. I hear they even do counseling for neo-cons with just your issues online now, go check before its too late. . . ; }

Go tell your buddies (owen/jimerson and wyatt) that you have failed. We are not going anywhere and the TRUTH will continue to be told, published and their decades long special interes reign will end (sooner, if not later)....stop waiting and go, and take your twisted fantasy with you…

BTW, keep guessing…
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Friday, Apr 11 at 07:41 PM »
CyFair just announced a $23million shortfall many will have to be laid off including teachers…..how many teachers would an educrat trade for a million dollar scoreboard?....how can parents be so gullible to let them run amuck with their money and kids future?

Educrats spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors….while the drop out rate climbs…I’m glad Dr Jenney is cutting the fluff out of the budget…let the whinning begin….

calvin if you don’t want to be called JaneL don’t post as her….and does TR know you’re wearing her diva crown?...and btw you have a PHD in edu right?.....the drivel/falsehoods/and misinformation you post here shows you’re perfect example of an educrat. example of a educrat….

Anonymous said...
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