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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

MCC Supports Morrison, Carreon for Commissioner Pct. 1

See this site for more: http://missouricitychatter.blogspot.com/2007/12/richard-morrison-announced-for-pct-1.html


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

See the related fbn threads on this candidates announcements:

1 Muckraker - Jan 2, 10:42 AM
“Residents of Precinct 1 have lost confidence in Tom Stavinoha,” Morrison said in a candidate’s statement. “His choice to approve a toll way as an extension of the Grand Parkway, his support of I-69 through the middle of Fort Bend County, his conscious decision to ignore flooding and drainage problems in the precinct, and his approval of the location of a 20-story pile of Houston’s garbage in Precinct 1 demonstrates how little he cares about the current families of Precinct 1.”

Not to forget his support of an expanding airport over Sienna, Colony Lakes and many other communities and their efforts to with-hold mobility bond money for Mckeever road improvements until the city fighting this edc backed expansion capitulates.

Go Morrison & Carreon! Get the word out and walk the neighborhoods. No more “tipping fees” for our elected officials inactions to protect the public from projects like the proposed landfill expansion. Finally people who WILL represent the voters and taxpayers of this county.

2 TexasRose - Jan 2, 11:13 AM
A Warm New Year Appreciation to Special To FortBendNow *******

“When elected, I will do everything in my power to open up government to the voters. Budgets, appointments, contracts, and campaign contributions will be made available on the web for anyone who wants to see them. Every decision I make will benefit the current families of Precinct 1.”

Richard Morrison
Candidacy For
Precinct 1 Commissioner
Hear! Hear!

Mr. Morrison,

As constituents may or may not be fully aware, levee improvements encompass to protect properties, alongside the southern borders of the Brazos; please be so kind to allow us your voice as to how you believe this project may “save the county a tremendous amount of money”?

Secondly, a pact has been identified to be tightly sealed, between the county and the levee improvement district—would it be safe to assume the first pumping installments of $3 million directly may be sunk into the “trenches”?

Just for the record, we certainly appreciate your alliance against the “toll to nowhere”

We appreciate your encouragement.

3 Tom Hilton - Jan 2, 12:05 PM
Thank you! Mr. Morrison for stepping up to the plate for the CITIZENS of Fort Bend County. Stavinoha has proven time and again that he doesn’t give a dang about the citizens, and is constantly pushing for the interests of corporate donors.

The Mayor of Arcola, the City Attorney of Arcola, and myself (City Councilman of Arcola) have made over 20 requests to Stavinoha, Jesse Heggemeier, Marc Grant, and others in the County to simply send the City information regarding the 2000 Mobility Bond money – how much is in the account for McKeever Road. Guess how many responses we all got? ZERO.

The County has had this money (about $4 million) for 7 years, yet due to the pressure applied by the owner of Houston SW Airport, the County has refused to bring this road up to standard (because they want to abandon McKeever at some future time).

Stavinoha recently made an appearance at a City Council meeting, saying that unless we do what he says, he will simply take that money and use it elsewhere in the County. Mr. Morrison, is that legal? Can Stavinoha take money approved by voters for a specific project and use it on other projects?

Sounds like tactics that the mafia would use – it’s not what I would expect from our County Commissioner of Precinct 1.

The City should have the right to have a say in how its City streets are constructed.

In a related development (South Post Oak) Stavinoha and Judge Hebert claim that since the land owner is “donating” $500,000 towards its construction, he has the right to determine the road’s layout. They do NOT want the City included in the process. A couple of years ago, the County tried to confiscate about 11 acres of prime real estate inside of Newpoint Estates. They claimed it was for “mobility” purposes, but in reality it was to allow the airport owner to divert McKeever around the FAA Control Point – nothing more. Looks like the County’s power of eminent domain is for sale to the highest bidder. If that had actually happened, I would think that would have been a great legal case for felony theft by the County officials.

Looks like 2008 could be an outstanding year for Fort Bend County if we can get Mr. Morrsion elected as out commissioner.

All the best,
Tom Hilton
City Councilman

4 TexasRose - Jan 2, 12:58 PM
Kudos to Sidebar: ****
Best regards to “Friends of Richard Morrison”, especially to Jesse Torres! Greatwood LCISD Parents, together with our surrounding communities— should all be eternally grateful to your leadership. Our school bond rocked! Thank you, once again for extending your new political campaign to embrace our vital issues to confidence where it belongs; in the heart-n-soul of our citizens! =-)

5 Muckraker - Jan 2, 01:11 PM
“Looks like the County’s power of eminent domain is for sale to the highest bidder. If that had actually happened, I would think that would have been a great legal case for felony theft by the County officials.”

That is what would worry me Mr. Hilton. Thank you for your vigilance on this. After the TX99 controversy, landfill and airport issues voters all over the county are becoming aware of actions and connections of some of our commissioners, especially Mr. Stavinhoa and Hebert.

Please keep us informed and hopefully the county won’t always walk lock step with edc operatives and return to representing the taxpayers/voters interests.

6 StanPrince - Jan 2, 01:44 PM
I wonder,.... if I, or other former single-slate Republican voters, venture into that labyriynth known as Democrat HQ, to offer support to Richard Morrison…., will the roof collapse upon us…?

responsible_dvlpmnt said...


7 Muckraker - Jan 2, 02:59 PM
I think you would find Morrison, Carreon and others (whether dem, repub reformers, libertarian or independent) more concerned about the direction our special interests are taking us locally and have their arms wide open for help, because they are going to need a good cross-section and much help walking neighborhoods.

Good luck Stan, TR and others!

8 Marsha Rovai - Jan 2, 03:16 PM
No the roof wouldn’t fall in. It is kinda like a “Working Girl’ going to church for the first time. She may feel a little uncomfortabe but in time will see a lot of her prior “Johns” (sorry customers). We Democrats are a welcoming group. We don’t expect you to agree with everything we do but will give you praise for a little step at a time!

9 tellmemore - Jan 2, 03:32 PM
It’s good to see some variety for a change. We need new blood and a new direction!

10 TexasRose - Jan 2, 03:47 PM
Hey Muck ~

Did you see Mr. Torres is connected? It was a pleasure to work with him and our other School Board members, last year prior to our bond passing. I must stop in to say “Hi”...he may not know me as Rose ya know =-)

Good luck Mr. Morrison! We all are counting on you!

11 Richard Morrison - Jan 2, 05:21 PM
I’d like to thank everyone for the kind words. I stand by my statement. I will work for the people of Fort Bend, no matter their party affiliation. You can call me at 832-563-5308 or email me at morrisonforcommish@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Fight on!

12 Muckraker - Jan 2, 06:12 PM
Thanks for the info TR and Good luck Richard. I have seen your work on the landfill fight and we appreciate it!

13 j williamson - Jan 2, 06:30 PM
Mr Morrison,
Glad to see choices available to voters.

Can you give some specific examples of why you are a better candidate than both Mr. Stavinoha and Mr. Carreon?

14 Keith Campbell - Jan 2, 07:32 PM
Thank you for posting a reply and using your name.

15 TexasRose - Jan 2, 09:26 PM
“Fight on!”
Right on Richard!

Muck ~
Yes! You’re welcome!

Marsha ~
Not sure you are saying to whom, but I am/have/always will be actively & politically involved!

Let’s keep fighting!

Anonymous said...


16 Earl - Jan 3, 08:16 PM
Personally I would hate to see Stavinoha go because he’s done such a fine job of bringing the people together by alienating pretty much everyone except the “Moneyed Boys.” He’s a Uniter, not a Divider, people! With all due respect to Mr. Morrison, I doubt that he could alienate his way out of a wet paper bag. Tom Stavinoha has a proven track record of countless disgruntled citizens. Do we really want to risk replacing him with some newbie who doesn’t know the meaning of, “The Business of Government Is Business?” Well, that’s just common sense!

17 Muckraker - Jan 3, 10:02 PM
“ Tom Stavinoha has a proven track record of countless disgruntled citizens.”

I couldn’t agree with you more on this!

18 wadefishin - Jan 4, 08:16 AM
a certain segement of our population chooses to be unhappy….
its called pessimism..
I just wished I had more patience with them…..
but it gets old hearing their chant…“the sky is fallin….the sky is fallin”

19 Rodrigo Carreon - Jan 4, 11:59 AM
We need to elect new candidate too define the differents between public or private individuals to improve tax dollar spending. Support candidate that prohibits future toll roads and prohibit double taxing in many ways. I’m wishing Mr. R. Morrison (Pct.1) the best to continue helping C.A.B.L.E and his community fighting Ft. Bend segment C toll road plans for victorys.

20 Muckraker - Jan 4, 12:38 PM
“the sky is fallin….the sky is fallin”

Then stop saying it wf and join the reform crowd working for a better future (be positive, things are really looking up. . . =- }


Thanks for being so involved and speaking up and running!

21 wadefishin - Jan 4, 03:55 PM
“Tom Stavinoha has a proven track record of countless disgruntled citizens.”

I couldn’t agree with you more on this!

way to go Mud now thats being positive….

22 Elizabeth - Jan 4, 04:08 PM
A certain segment of our population chooses to be ignorant. It’s called creeping meatballism. (No, really, it is, look it up.)

And wadefishin’, we get tired of hearing your chant of “La La La La La” with your fingers in your ears.

So thar.

23 Rodrigo Carreon - Jan 4, 05:17 PM
We want a change !! We are working together with former and future Pct 1 candidates to win the 2008 locally and national election. To improve and protect communities, like Fresno, Arcola City, Greatwood and more in Pct.1county, fairly. Our Democrat party will team with Mr. Morrison together with other candidates to help get the job done for the 2008 elections.

24 Earl - Jan 4, 07:28 PM
Muckraker, glad you liked my purposeful faux pas. Here’s another one. In the 1970s the slogan was, “Fort Bend County: Country Living Close To The City.” Then in the 1990s it changed to, “Fort Bend County: City Living Close To The Country.” Now it’s, “Fort Bend County: If You Have To Ask You Can’t Afford To Live Here.”

25 mac - Jan 4, 08:28 PM
And you think we like hearing you Elizabeth?

26 burt levine - Jan 4, 10:06 PM

How can you team with Richard Morrision if he is your opponent?

27 anthony - Jan 4, 10:54 PM
I’m voting for Tom because he had the wood benches installed at the courthouse. I got to sit on them the last time I was on jury duty.

28 Mark Bankston - Jan 5, 01:29 AM
Earl –

Your sharp satire is an oasis in a desert.

But trust me, when addressing some of the partisans around here, you will get a nosebleed if you continue to hang out in the airspace above their heads…

Remember, Fort Bend County is Bizarro World – It’s where up is down and right is left. It’s where ruling Republicans spend like Democrats and where Democrats demand fiscal accountability.

It’s where Republican judges allow child molesters to go free with a slap on the wrist so they may molest again, and where Democratic judicial candidates urge for stronger justice.

It’s where angry insulting men who post their rambling partisan complaints on this website EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES call other people pessimists.

It’s where wood benches win elections.


29 Muckraker - Jan 5, 11:42 AM

Who are you to dictate what or who Mr. Carreon sides with in anything? Every citizen has the right to choose. I see numerous candidates “teaming up” to defeat the incumbent…why only ask Carreon?

30 Muckraker - Jan 5, 11:47 AM
“Remember, Fort Bend County is Bizarro World – It’s where up is down and right is left. It’s where ruling Republicans spend like Democrats and where Democrats demand fiscal accountability.”

Excellent assessment of this community Mark. I would hope more conservatives and moderates can see the hypocrisy in our ruling elite and will think and vote outside the co-opted box (that includes both parties).

Electoral ethics must be restored and TRUST with our officials should be paramount! It won’t happen until some replacements are made and voters pay attention to the shell game.

31 wadefishin - Jan 5, 04:47 PM
“Remember, Fort Bend County is Bizarro World – It’s where up is down and right is left. It’s where ruling Republicans spend like Democrats and where Democrats demand fiscal accountability.”
au contraire…we still remember when D Roy Cordes now repub was county judge…..hahaha…boy do we….

32 burt levine - Jan 5, 05:26 PM

Why would he have filed if he does not want to win himself or for voters to vote for him but would rather voters vote for Richard?

33 Rodrigo Carreon - Jan 5, 05:42 PM
GOP Voters that are
stress on tax dollar spending, thence prohibit repeating the same voting eras of 2000-04. Help support to elect 2008 Democrats Candidates like Mr. R. Morrison or I’m another choice (Rodrigo Carreon) candidate for Pct.1 commissioner. We need your support www.fbcdp.org THANK YOU.

34 Muckraker - Jan 6, 08:53 AM

When you answer #29 I may reciprocate.

35 wadefishin - Jan 6, 07:32 PM
only in “bizarro world” world would Rodrigo be a candidate….

36 Burt Levine - Jan 6, 09:29 PM

You absolutely 100 percent correct.

I sincerely apologize.

I actually admire Rodrigo’s passion, principle and patriotism.

I just did not know why a person would pay the money to file which is not free like school board or city council but is a lot of money and then ask voters to vote for someone other than himself.

Candidates team up when they are running for different offices.

I don’t have a candidate in this race at all and don’t mind him doing it at all.

It just is very different for a person to pay a fee for folks to vote for him and then he asks the voters to vote for a different individual in the very same race.

37 Muckraker - Jan 6, 10:43 PM
“I actually admire Rodrigo’s passion, principle and patriotism.”

This is good to hear Burt, but I didn’t see him saying not to vote for him. Have you asked this question of all the candidates yet challenging Tom Stavinhoa?

“I don’t have a candidate in this race at all and don’t mind him doing it at all.”

and thanks for admitting this in here for wf. He seems to think paid pol. consultants do not frequent these threads.

38 TexasRose - Jan 7, 07:04 AM
Anthony #27

I assume your morale is?

39 Muckraker - Jan 7, 08:15 AM
I think he was being sarcastic TR. I’ve seen the benches and it is kinda funny. I wonder who paid to put his name on them?

40 TexasRose - Jan 7, 08:38 AM
Ah, Muckie ~
Inside jokes are funny. Is that the catch?
m so, “pay as you play” fantasy foot-ball politics fumbles at it’s peak!?

Wow, mulligans ya gotta love ‘em.

41 Muckraker - Jan 7, 09:47 AM

It does show quite a bit of hubris, but I’m concerned that our seated commissioner would use his position to possibly take tax dollars to create such a thing. These aren’t your typical “in memory of” small placards like on a church bench. They are huge and look more like a campaign ads. I wonder if we the taxpayers coughed up on that one? They are sitting outside the county annex building on public property.

Anonymous said...
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